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How does Integrel compare with a Generator?

Date: 4th May


General News

“I used to sail away from the dock reluctant to unplug from an otherwise limitless source of power that made life onboard feel just like home. Like most boat owners, managing power usage on the water was a fine-tuned balancing act that played on my mind day-to-day, but with Integrel onboard I now spend the time relaxing instead!”

Integrel is a sophisticated and energy-efficient power management system requiring minimal user intervention. Using Integrel unlocks a whole new level of freedom on the water; and it’s environmentally conscious, unlike a conventional diesel generator!! Read on to discover the many reasons Integrel is the go-to choice for power on the water…

Fuel savings!

Integrel saves up to 33% on your fuel costs, so you save money, make fewer fuel stops, and improve your boat’s carbon footprint. Check out our fuel efficiency blog to learn how the fuel efficiency of the Integrel System compares to a marine diesel generator.

It's light

Whether you’re aiming to increase your boat’s performance or improve its overall efficiency, reducing weight can help achieve this. Consider that an 8KVA marine generator weighs upwards of 200kg, and a single Integrel System only weighs 40kg – a 5X reduction. Even with the associated lithium batteries, Integrel saves weight and space!

Power storage

Integrel requires minimal user intervention, working in the background to store energy for later use. Imagine a morning swim followed by a hot shower and breakfast in air-conditioned comfort, all without disturbing neighbouring boats with the sound of a noisy generator. Planning to sail through an area or region where the use of fossil fuel-powered engines is not permitted? No problem, simply tap into the energy stored in your Integrel-powered batteries.

Installation cost cuts

A conventional marine diesel generator requires through hull fittings, meaning your boat must be lifted out of the water. Lifting costs, plus cradle hire and fees for keeping your boat ashore can quickly mount up! In contrast, the Integrel System can be fitted whilst your boat is in the water because it does not require hull penetration, meaning you save money, time, and labour during installation. Moreover, without the additional holes in your hull, you eliminate extra maintenance considerations.

Faster lead times

Due to the simple installation process and minimal component requirements, the Integrel System can be fitted promptly by a trained marine installer. Following the pandemic, there has been a shortage of components for diesel generators resulting in generator lead times pushing out to as much as 45 weeks. In contrast, Integrel systems are typically available in just 6-8 weeks!

Reduced maintenance

Unlike a generator, the Integrel System does not require an additional engine, which means no additional fuel, exhaust, or cooling systems. Lifetime maintenance costs are substantially less but don’t just take our word for it. Craig Ulliott, a customer who recently installed Integrel on board his Neel 47 Trimaran says “It works out about the cost of a generator, but you just have one engine, so less maintenance. Makes a huge ton of sense.”

Let’s review!

Integrel saves you on fuel costs, reduces your carbon footprint, reduces weight on board, and conveniently stores energy without user intervention. The Integrel system requires substantially less maintenance than a conventional marine diesel generator, and a straightforward installation process saves you money, time, and space!

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