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The 48V Ecosystem - Introducing the 48V DC Air Conditioner

Date: 14th March


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We all know that 48V makes a lot of sense. Reduced cable size, reduced losses, reduced cable weight, and a smaller inverter needed for your energy needs.

Integrel Solutions now offers 48V DC Air Conditioning units that will make having Integrel Solutions on your boat even more attractive!

The new 48V ecosystem includes Integrel System + Air Conditioners.

We’re introducing the 48V DC Air Conditioners – by Ergon

We are now a distributor of the new range of 48V DC Ergon self-contained air conditioning Units. Get the most out of your battery investment with these super compact, energy-efficient, self-contained units

Models available: 7,000 BTU, 10,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 16,000 BTU

Luca Stauder designer

The unit boasts:

  • Very compact and lightweight design
  • Up to 50% higher energy efficiency than the ON / OFF models
  • Maximum comfort: quiet operation and stable temperature
  • Minimum power consumption: input 150-200W max in ECO mode
  • Elimination of peak current at start-up (only 2A max)


VFD technology “sensorless” is used to accurately control the compressor speed in order to deliver the needed capacity at all times, following the environmental conditions; by contrast, traditional air conditioners use on/off type compressors that either work at maximum speed or stop. The Ergon self-contained unit is equipped with a BLDC motor compressor (98% energy efficient) controlled by an electrical inverter varying the speed from 20-100 Hz. Thanks to the elimination of start-stop cycles, the energy efficiency is considerably increased without sharp fluctuations of air temperature and power supply, thus increasing the lifespan of the unit and the comfort on board.



The compressor starts at a low speed (20 Hz) with no peak current and then accelerates smoothly up to the max frequency (100 Hz) in order to cool or heat quickly.

As room temperature approaches the setpoint value, the compressor slows down, keeping a constant temperature in silent operation and saving energy. In terms of the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, the average reduction in electrical energy consumption is 50%, compared to the equivalent traditional air conditioner.

Where it goes:

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