Generate. Drive. Repeat.

Replace your generator

Completely replace your standalone generator and use the Integrel system to power all your onboard appliances. Plus, make the most out of a quieter sailing experience as our system works in silence!

Generate up to 18kW

Integrel generates up to 18kW of energy with a dual system on a catamaran. Smaller boats and monohulls can generate 9kW with a single system.

Home comforts

The convenience of home comfort at sea has never been easier. A cool, comfortable night's sleep, a morning coffee, and an ice-cold drink in the afternoon, all powered by Integrel Solutions.

Fully automatic

It just works! Our system works quietly in the background, with very little need for user intervention. The engine and batteries are carefully monitored, and it even warns you when the batteries need recharging.

Reduced costs

Along with reduced maintenance and marina costs, the Integrel system does not require a separate engine. This makes fitting costs less than a stand-alone generator with no need for through-hull fittings and separate cooling systems.

Reduced carbon footprint

The Integrel system improves the fuel efficiency of the propulsion engine up to 25%, reducing overall vessel fuel consumption. It is fully automatic, managing electrical power generation, storage, conversion and distribution in one package.

The Integrel System has been installed on hundreds of boats!

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We create a custom solution tailored to your boat; everything you need for complete energy freedom on the water.