Balance Catamarans to be first-to-market with Integrel Solution’s new E-Drive power generation and hybrid propulsion system

Date: 13th May


General News

Integrel Solutions, marine power and propulsion specialists, are delighted to announce longtime partner Balance Catamarans will be the first OEM boat builder to adopt the new, groundbreaking Integrel E-Drive power and propulsion system launching later this year.

Boasting up to 30kW of power generation and 40hp of electric drive on a multihull, E-Drive represents a shift to more environmentally friendly marine propulsion, seamlessly combining propulsion and power generation for a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient on-water experience. Balance Catamarans, manufactured in South Africa, will offer E-Drive as an option on all models in the Balance range, giving owners the opportunity to experience the thrill and benefits of owning a hybrid electric vessel.E-DrivePioneering partners in multihull innovation

Driving innovation in the multihull space for more than 12 years, Balance Catamarans were early adopters of Integrel Solution’s E-Power product that provides an alternative to traditional generator configurations. By working with Integrel from the earliest stages to provide insight and feedback from Balance Catamarans operating around the globe, the partners refined and perfected the technology and its full integration into the Balance line of models. The result was up to 18kW of energy generation while optimising fuel consumption, reducing emissions, and minimising noise – creating a greener and quieter overall boating experience.

“Being the first to integrate E-Drive into the Balance models signifies our long-term commitment to providing owners with the most advanced, eco-friendly options available,” Phil Berman, Owner of Balance Catamarans, commented. “Our continued efforts to ‘Stay in Balance’ in finding solutions that improve overall efficiency in energy generation, and offer cleaner, greener boating both in product evolution and production improvements, has led us to working closely with Integrel Solutions for over five years now. Our focus at Balance is to ensure we align with partners that offer the best innovation in combination with world-class customer care and support. That’s a big reason why we want to work with Integrel as E-Drive launches.”

“We see ourselves as ‘partners in innovation’, says Trevor Howard, CEO of Integrel Solutions, “The strength of our partnership with Balance means they are a natural fit to install the very first Integrel E-Drive unit onboard one of their catamarans. E-Drive is set to be game-changing solution that not only reduces emissions and fuel consumption but also provides boat owners with the choice of reducing their environmental impact.”

Installed at the point of manufacture between the engine and gearbox, E-Drive accommodates both sail drive and shaft drive configurations, enhancing performance without compromising space. The first Balance Catamaran outfitted with the Integrel E-Drive is set to be completed and launched later this year, marking a significant milestone in marine technology.

Watch the conversation

Join Phil Berman, founder of Balance Catamarans, and Trevor Howard, CEO of Integrel Solutions, as they discuss the innovative E-Drive hybrid solution chosen for Balance Catamarans. They explore the concept of green sailing and the challenges faced in adopting all-electric systems versus hybrid propulsion. Trevor provides an in-depth overview of the Integrel E-Drive, highlighting its seamless transition between electric and diesel power, increased charging capacity, and simple installation process. They also discuss the importance of reliability and partnership in the marine industry, emphasising the commitment to delivering high-quality products and outstanding customer support.