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Date: 16th December


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As a marine business based in Cornwall, UK, and surrounded by water, we are hypersensitive to the conditions of our seas. 2022 has platformed a disheartening reality regarding the cleanliness of our waters, with Cornwall featuring on the news for its repeated sewage alerts. Whether you are from Cornwall or afar, observing the dramatic footage of the discharge released across the Cornish beaches is shocking, and elicits concerns over the regulations for water companies. Reasons like this fuel our quest to make the pleasure of luxury boating greener for everyone worldwide.

As ocean enthusiasts, it is in all our interests to preserve marine life and watch over our blue planet. We all have day-to-day decisions that directly affect the conditions of our seas and atmosphere. With growing concerns around our carbon footprint and environmental impact, Integrel is passionate about improving the sustainability of power vessels used for pleasure.

The Importance of Sustainability

What if there was a way to match the present experience of luxury yachting without contributing to ocean pollution through diesel consumption and waste pollution?

As ocean lovers, implementing sustainable solutions is a step we all need to look towards to preserve the ocean and marine life so that we – and future generations – can continue to enjoy our beloved oceans. Let’s start looking at improving our ecosystem and preserving the planet, without forfeiting our hard-earned luxuries. The coupling of sustainability and yachting seems like somewhat of a juxtaposition, but there are steps that people within the yachting world can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

Are you a boat owner with an increasing awareness of your environmental impact, eager to explore new solutions to increase the sustainability of your yacht? Integrel Solutions brings to you an opportunity for greener yachting, whilst ensuring the highest levels of comfort, reliability, and safety. We recognize the environmental concerns within the industry and public pressures to make a change, thus we are constantly working on our technologies to provide energy freedom whilst reducing fuel consumption.

The Benefits of Integrel

The Integrel System improves the fuel efficiency of the propulsion engine by up to 25%, reducing overall vessel fuel consumption. It is much more than just a generator; it is a complete power generation, storage, conversion, and distribution system.

Our mission is to provide energy freedom on the water by delivering an environmentally conscious solution with a premium experience. Our System uses the spare power made by the engine to charge the house battery bank. It can safely and more effectively produce up to 10 times more power, therefore it can charge much faster than a conventional alternator. How? Because it operates very efficiently at 48 volts and is controlled by a sophisticated power management system and a network of redundant safety checks and balances.

As an energy-efficient concept, our System lowers operational costs, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions. Our System does not require a separate engine; therefore, the fitting costs are less than for a stand-alone generator with no need for through-hull fittings and no separate fuel, exhaust, or cooling systems. Lifetime maintenance costs are also substantially less as Integrel only needs a periodic belt change, no more second engine checks, and maintenance schedules.

Removing the Diesel Generator from your Boat

At anchor, the sound of generators for air-conditioning can often distract you from the dreamy scenery in the marine world. If this sounds familiar, imagine a boating experience with the Integrel system, where moving from one anchorage to the next, our system works in the background to provide you with more than enough energy to fully enjoy a silent, generator-free night.

Taking the right steps towards more sustainable yachting must be about minimizing pollution and reducing waste. It’s about raising awareness of what one can do as an individual to preserve the environment and continue to enjoy it.

5 Simple Steps to be More Eco-friendly

Our seas offer us a place of beauty, leisure, and exploration. They feed us, regulate our climate, and provide us with oxygen to breathe. To give back, we can all take easy steps to be more environmentally conscious.

1. Get Rid of your Waste Properly

There is nothing more disheartening than seeing our oceans polluted with plastic bottles and old fishing nets. This harms the health of our seas and everything that lives in it. Play your part and put your rubbish in the bin.

2. Avoid Single-use Plastic

Single-use plastics pollute the environment and are easily avoidable. Instead of buying water from the shops, use a refillable water bottle, and refill it from your boat’s water fountain, which can be powered by the Integrel System.

3. Be Careful Where and How you Drop the Anchor

Be mindful of where you drop the anchor, so you do not damage plants and other marine life on the seafloor.

4. Go Diving

Ever curious about what dreamy scenery lays beneath you as you cruise along the open seas? Discover the magnitudes of plants, animals, and other organisms that live in the salt water.

“People protect what they love.” – Jacques-Yves Cousteau

5. Cruise, and Take in the View

Rather than island hopping, why not spend another night in the same location, or cruise along slowly and enjoy the spectacular views? Going slow can reduce engine power and save you on fuel costs.

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