The Power of Integrel (thanks to your engine)

Date: 6th July


General News

We often hear from customers (and their jealous friends!) who are amazed by the amount of power provided by Integrel. It’s no secret really, Integrel simply harnesses the spare power produced by your propulsion engine, and it makes your engine more fuel-efficient too!  

Similar to a standard engine alternator, Integrel connects to the power take-off (PTO) of the propulsion engine. The PTO is essentially the other end of the engine crankshaft i.e. the end not connected to the propeller. Engine manufacturers typically publish specifications limiting the amount of power that can be ‘taken off” the PTO. Specifications include maximum power load, maximum sideload exerted by a belt and even the angle at which the belt sideload can be applied.

The Integrel engineering team have diligently reviewed all relevant engine specifications (not just PTO limits), and they have performed extensive engine and PTO load testing of the Integrel system; test results and engines have been submitted to third-party engineering companies to perform engine teardown analyses – no engine issues have ever been identified.

The engine mounting systems created to support the Integrel OEG (On-Engine Generator) are custom designed to ensure engine loading meets manufacturers’ specifications. We conduct stress analysis and are selective on materials right down to the last nut and washer. Our diligence ensures that in the event of an OEG failure or ‘worst-case scenario’, your engine will not sustain any damage.

So, if you’re nervous the Integrel system might overload your engine, take a deep breath and relax. The Integrel team have done the hard work behind the scenes; and if after all this you’re still worried, we offer a TWO-YEAR replacement engine warranty.