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Date: 24th February


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Being in and around the ocean can help to rejuvenate your mind and body. Frequent interventions with blue spaces have many benefits, including reducing stress levels, encouraging creativity, and promoting physical activity. Most blue space interventions are especially beneficial to our psycho-social well-being.

The Attention Restoration Theory denotes that blue spaces improve an individual’s psyche by replenishing the ability to concentrate through exposure to such environments as the ocean. Perhaps spending time at sea is one of the best ways to avoid burnout, and distance oneself from the chaos and materialism of modern-day living. “At sea, I learned how little a person needs, not how much,” says Robin Lee Graham, a sailor who set out to sail around the world while just a teenager in the 1960s.

Additionally, blue spaces present opportunities to expand on your social circles, make new connections and reconnect with those most important to you. What better way to spend a holiday?

This blog dives into some of the reasons why being at sea can improve your well-being…

Boost your Blue Health

BBC article The surprising benefits of blue spaces’ reports, spending time in blue spaces lowers the risk of stress, anxiety, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and premature death (2022). Safe to say the benefits of the ocean go beyond its glistening surface, mesmerizing scenery, and enthralling marine life. Even better yet, if your boat is equipped with the Integrel System, you can fully immerse in this world and all it has to offer, knowing everything is under control.

The Therapeutic Value of the Sea

Blue spaces have therapeutic qualities associated with calming brain activity. According to an NBS News Article, sounds of the ocean, coupled with the visuals, encourage us to slow down and relax and feel more engaged (2018). So, listen to the stress-relieving waves aboard your craft, and if you have the Integrel System installed, you won’t be disturbed by noisy generator sounds.

The Ocean Encourages Us To Be More Active

Sea swimming is a popular holiday activity linked to an array of positive health effects. Swimming, alongside other water-based sports and activities, is a great way to maintain your physical fitness. As a welcomed bonus, the abundance of minerals in saltwater can work wonders for your hair and skin after a refreshing dip.

The Ocean and the Senses

The smell of the ocean breeze also contributes to your soothed state, which may have something to do with the negative ions in the air that you’re breathing in (NBC News2018). Integrel produces no noise or smell so you can fully immerse in your ocean surroundings without funky fumes or noisy generator sounds.

Mindfulness At Sea

Here at Integrel, we love the ocean and everything it has to offer, including its capabilities to promote mindfulness. Partaking in ocean-based activities can help you be more mindful and present. Wave Project Founder and CEO Joe Taylor said, “in the sea, there aren’t a lot of headspaces left to also worry about land-life problems because the ocean demands your full presence the moment you step into it”.

Expand your Social Circle

Coastal environments provide visitors with opportunities to experience a sense of community via their ocean-based activities. Spending time in or around the sea during summer can provide you with plentiful, enjoyable, social interactions between friends, relatives, and those sharing the same space.

The Vastness of the Ocean

The ocean is big and wide and far, and a great deal of it goes undiscovered. So, if you are looking for a quieter, more solitary experience, what better way than to throw off the bowlines and sail away from the harbour? Enjoy all your home comforts wherever you are in the world without the worry of burning fuel to run a generator with the Integrel System!

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of having a fuel-guzzling generator on board is having to return to shore to top up. In contrast, the Integrel System does not require a second engine, as it is fitted to the inboard engine of your boat and generates energy under normal operation. So, with our system, you can enjoy longer periods at sea, soaking up its benefits and boosting your blue health.

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