Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions about our system; you’ll find the most popular questions below.

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How much power does Integrel E-Power generate?

Up to 18kW!  The Integrel E-Power can generate up to 9kW of energy for a monohull and up to 18kW of energy on a multihull as you’ll need two systems.

What are the differences between a generator and Integrel E-Power?

The most obvious difference is that Integrel E-Power does not require a separate engine. This means that the fitting costs are less than for a stand-alone generator with no need for through-hull fittings and no separate fuel, exhaust or cooling systems. Lifetime maintenance costs are also substantially less as E-Power only needs a periodic belt change; no more second engine checks and maintenance schedules.

Integrel E-Power also improves the fuel efficiency of the propulsion engine, reducing overall vessel fuel consumption by up to 25%. It is fully automatic, managing electrical power generation, storage, conversion and distribution in one package.

Our system lets you reduce the size of your 12V and 24V house battery banks with its powerful battery-to-battery charging capability, and reduces the size and weight of the cabling for power hungry consumers such as bow thrusters, windlasses and winches.

Why does a catamaran need two Integrel E-Power sstems?

The Integrel E-Power system is self-organising and can run with two units connected together, sharing the load as needed with no user intervention required. Two systems provide redundancy and balanced engine running hours; they can also charge multiple battery banks at twice the rate of a single system and can support high continuous loads.

How is Integrel E-Power different from a high power alternator?

Integrel E-Power is a complete power generation, storage, conversion and distribution system.

Integrel E-Power is very different from a conventional high-power alternator:

  • E-Power delivers rated power continuously. For example, with an ambient temperature of 25°C, the generator delivers a constant 8.3kW.
  • The coupling of the magnetic flux between the rotor and stator has been dramatically improved to give a very high generation efficiency.
  • The windings have been designed to give the specific voltage range needed and to provide unusually high power output at low revs. With a suitable engine, up to 3.5kW of DC output power is available at low engine idle.
  • E-Power itself has no embedded electronics and much improved cooling airflow to better manage high power output.
  • The customised engine mountings are specifically designed to minimise side loads on the engine, eliminate shock loading, and maximise belt life.
What does your Warranty Policy cover?

A full copy of our Warranty Policy can be found here.