What is Integrel?

Integrel E-Power offers so much more than a high-power alternator and generator. It uses the spare power made by the engine to charge the house battery bank. What makes Integrel different is the fact that it operates very efficiently at 48 volts and is controlled by a sophisticated power management system and a network of redundant safety checks and balances. For those reasons, it can safely and more efficiently produce up to 10x more power, and therefore charge much faster than a conventional alternator.

The Integrel System


Integrel E-Power generates power through normal engine use and stores this power in batteries for later use.  We’ve created a helpful video that explains how this works.

Integrel E-Power, which is fitted to the inboard engine of a boat, generates energy seamlessly under normal operation. An existing engine has a significant amount of spare capacity, Integrel harnesses this spare capacity to generate electrical energy to be stored for later use; all while keeping an engine running at optimum performance.

Accompanied by the Integrel Intelligent Controller, this converts raw electrical energy from an inboard engine into usable energy at 48 volts. Energy production is closely monitored by sensors on each battery bank to keep the batteries safe. The stored electrical energy is then used to power heavy-duty 48 volt items such as bow thrusters and winches, as well as 12 volt domestic items like your fridge, instruments and house lights.

It also powers your 110 volt or 240 volt AC devices like air conditioning, washer, freezer, ice machine, espresso machine, induction cooker, hairdryer and more!

The Integrel System

Features & Benefits

Enjoy all of these luxuries wherever you are in the world without the worry of burning fuel to run a generator.

Moving from one anchorage to the next, Integrel works in the background as boaters island-hop to provide more than enough energy to fully enjoy a silent, generator-free night.

With favourable sailing conditions offshore, the efficiency and high output power of Integrel means you only need to run your engines briefly at intervals to top-up your batteries.

Whilst at anchor, running your air conditioning keeps everyone onboard cool. If the batteries get a little low towards the end of the day, simply run the engine at idle to top up your batteries for a cool night’s sleep.

Silent Operation

In partnership with Fathom e-power system, powered by Integrel Solutions, we can power all on-board appliances without the need for a noisy, polluting generator. Integrel ensures a tranquil boating experience with its silent operation.

Generate up to 18kW

Integrel generates up to 18kW of energy with a dual system on a catamaran. Smaller boats and monohulls can generate 9kW with a single system.

Home comforts

The convenience of home comfort at sea has never been easier. A cool, comfortable night's sleep, a morning coffee, and an ice-cold drink in the afternoon, all powered by Integrel Solutions.

Fully automatic

It just works! Our system works quietly in the background, with very little need for user intervention. The engine and batteries are carefully monitored, and it even warns you when the batteries need recharging.

Reduced costs

Along with reduced maintenance and marina costs, the Integrel system does not require a separate engine. This makes fitting costs less than a stand-alone generator with no need for through-hull fittings and separate cooling systems.

Reduced carbon footprint

The Integrel system improves the fuel efficiency of the propulsion engine up to 25%, reducing overall vessel fuel consumption. It is fully automatic, managing electrical power generation, storage, conversion and distribution in one package.

Working globally with boat builders, partners, installers and end-users.

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