Our Story

Initially founded as a research and development company specialising in marine data management, Triskel Marine (now trading as Integrel Solutions) has spent nearly 20 years working to innovate fuel-efficient power generation and storage technologies. The aim was to design a system that could power a boat for days at a time without the need for user intervention. With this in mind, the Integrel System was created enabling users to power the appliances on their boats by simply switching the engine on to charge battery banks.

Integrel has been developed over the last ten years and is the outcome of a number of major research programmes initially funded by the EU and more recently by the UK government. Five UK partners worked together between 2014 and 2016 to develop working prototypes of what has now become the Integrel system. Later in 2016, we were fortunate enough to attract commercial funding to transform the prototype technology into the market ready commercial product of today.

What’s next?

Having established ourselves within the marine market, our aim is to establish additional partnerships with boat builders, along with growing a global distribution network. Our goal is to become the first choice option for yacht owners that are looking for power generation options but want to steer away from generators.

Our highly skilled and motivated team is ever-growing and we want to provide the best service possible and ensure that our system is tailored to every customer need.

Are you interested in working alongside Integrel Solutions? 

If you’d like to become a distributor or work as part of the Integrel team, get in touch today and let’s chat about working together.