Integrel System Software 2.0

Date: 13th March


General News

It’s finally here! After more than six months of development by the Integrel team and in-field testing by beta customers, today we are announcing the release of Integrel System Software version 2.0.

This release provides multiple new features and improvements including support for Mastervolt batteries, enhanced safety and reliability, and software updates via Wi-Fi. Read on for the full list of features and improvements available in this release.

System Integration

The addition of intelligent battery integration ensures battery charging is optimized to individual manufacturers’ recommendations.

We’ve added support for Mastervolt and Lithionics batteries, in addition to Victron and MG Energy.

Improvements have been made to engine data integration providing increased system reliability and safety.

User Interface

The Integrel display has a brand-new look and is more intuitive to use. An enhanced interactive experience provides a better view of control and monitoring operations on board your vessel.

Images showing the new look Engine and System Summary pages

Notifications & Alerts

Improved notifications and alerting make it easier to understand system status.  For example, if power generation is suspended, a clickable icon appears on the Generation page of the Integrel Display to indicate the reason.

System Diagnostics

An entirely new diagnostics engine enables rapid troubleshooting, allowing any issue to be identified quickly.


Wi-Fi is available with the new Integrel display hardware making software updates faster and more convenient.

Updating to Version 2.0

Want to get the update? Please email our helpdesk or log a support ticket and we’ll be in touch with instructions.

What’s Next?

With the 2.0 release behind us, our design team are working on exciting new features including NMEA 2000 integration with third party displays, and wireless access to the system via any smart mobile device.

Got a cool feature idea?

If you have a product or feature request, why not send us an email?

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