Installation: Dual Integrel on a Lagoon 46 at La Grande Motte, France.

Date: 29th May


General News

Owner of the Malta Catamaran Charters, our customer, Charlie Borg, decided to invest in an Integrel System to trial on his personal boat before looking to upgrade his fleet.

Having heard of our system through a previous customer, Charlie came to us wanting the exact same set up. Of course, as we provide a completely bespoke system tailored to the individual, our Technical Sales Executive worked with Charlie to ensure that his system was designed purely for his usage and power requirements. After a few conversations to ensure that all bases had been covered, we then appointed E-Nav Systems to do the installation in La Grande Motte, France.

Charlie’s boat was being showcased at the Mulithull trade show in La Grande Motte, so as soon as the show ended, the boat was moved to a new mooring and the E-nav team got straight to work installing the Integrel System, Victron batteries and the Victron power electronics as per the designed schematic.

Upon completion, Charlie was extremely impressed with the quality of the work carried out, but also with the ease of using our system: “The system is so smart and it’s really easy to use. There really is no need for user intervention!”

Now on his way back to Malta equipped with his new tech, Charlie has passed on the following feedback:  I’m so glad I went for an Integrel System, the process from planning to installation was simple, the system is amazing and Alberto from E-nav was so professional. I would recommend that everyone gets an Integrel!”

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