Integrel Approved By Volvo Penta, France

Date: 30th September


General News

We are pleased to announce that Integrel has been approved by Volvo Penta, France for their range of D2 engines.

We ran a D2-60 in our test facility with a constant electrical load of 8kW. As part of our quality assurance program, we performed a visual inspection at 500 hours after stripping the engine down completely. There was no measurable wear on the bearings or crankshaft which might otherwise be caused by the Integrel system.

Integrel fitted to a Volvo Penta D2-60 in Integrel’s Test Lab

“The key to the Integrel system is that we manage the load extremely accurately in real-time, ensuring the electrical load never pushes the total engine load beyond a pre-determined setpoint – nominally 75%, however we can control to any line” commented Ken Wittamore (Integrel CEO).

The Integrel system applies a maximum of 65 Nm of torque to the engine, meaning we are well within the manufacturer’s operational limits for the following Volvo engines:

  • Volvo Penta D2-50
  • Volvo Penta D2-55
  • Volvo Penta D2-60
  • Volvo Penta D2-75

Approval was provided by Nicolas Tourneret – Quality & Application Engineer – Volvo Penta, France.