Our partnership with Balance Catamarans

Date: 8th April


General News

A partnership that just made sense! 

Established as a leading boat builder in South Africa and internationally, Balance Catamarans manufacture significant numbers of boats each year across a range of catamarans. With the aim of creating boats that are as comfortable to sail as they are at anchor, it quickly became apparent that the core values held by the Balance brand were in line with Integrel Solution’s and a partnership was inevitable.

The Integrel system was developed to provide customers with seamless comfort without affecting the performance of a boat. Just like Balance, we want our customers to be capable of taking extended cruising trips. Balance yachts are equipped with features that help to do just that and the Integrel system is highly complementary.

“Balance Catamarans represent the cutting edge of modern performance multi-hulls and are dedicated to energy efficiency and green technology. Our motto is to keep it simple and green whenever possible. Integrel Solutions is a product that reaps enormous benefits on both fronts. We remove a diesel generator from our catamarans, which reduces weight, but also produces electrical charge any time our diesel engines are running with Integrel. It is an amazing product that is revolutionising our industry and we at Balance are happy to be a part of this revolution.”

Phillip Berman, Balance Catamarans, President